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a fruit is a product of a plant that includes its seeds.The term has various meanings related on circumstances. In non-technical use, like food arrangement, fruit commonly means the heavy seed-associated products of particular plants that are sweet and eatable in the raw condition, such as apples, kiwi, pomegranate, oranges, grapes and bananas. Seed-associated constructions that do not suit this informal standard are normally named differently, such as vegetables, pods, nut, ears and cones.

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The apple , fruit of the apple tree, species “Malus” in the rose family .Its tree is cultivated widely and originated in  Asia. There are more than 8000 known apple cultivars. Cultivars are various according to their harvest and the extreme size of the tree, also when grown on the similar area. About 60 million tones of apples are grown globally, with about $11 billion value. China produced about 36%, The United States is the second-leading grower, with about 7 % and Iran is the third producer and exporter of apple fruit.