Petrochemical companies in Iran
The PE100 conference attended by Dr.Nazokdast as lecturer of the the Amir Kabir iran industrial university t, and Dr. Masoumi, the chairman of the technical committee, and En.Isazadeh and the JAM president in Apadana Venue. Based on the released information by the public relation of the JAM, the summit on challenges of production & consumption of PE100 was held in presence of Dr.Nazokdast, the Amirkabir university professor & Dr.Masoumi the corresponding technical committee chairman along with En.Isazadeh and The JAM president yesterday evening.
The summit initiated by a warm welcome by the head of Public Relation of JAM who added that the company is to hold specialized seminars on the monthly basis and talked for the lower industries.
In the beginning of the event, Dr.Nazokdast the Amirkabir University lecturer, delivered an speech on structure and features of PE100 (hot mechanical and geological behaviors).
In the continuation of the seminar Dr.Kiani a delegate from The U.S explained in details on Twin Screw compounding Fundamentals, PE100 And the compounding Technology.
Later in the afternoon, in his starting lecture, Dr.Masoumi the corresponding technical committee talked on pe100 pipes quality grades, Standards and quality control of the polyethylene pipes and evaluation of the pe100 pipes.
In the continuation of the conference,Dr.Mousavi from Bespar industry company extended & emphasized his overall experiences  to the audience on the PE100 pipes production and went on to explain more on the distribution and weight of  the molecule on the PE100 features .
Based on the reports, Dr.Rashedi the research and expansion manager, En.Farahi the head of Marketing dept. of JAM talked on technology and the market respectively.
At the end of the conference Panel the lectures namely as Dr.Nazokdast, Dr.Masoumi, Dr, Rashedi, En.Farahi, En.Isazadeh, From Gostrash Plastic and En.Mirbolok , the Hamgen Member of the board ,answered the questions raised by the participants .
It also is to be known that the participants visited AND   learnt about the products of the JAM closely.

•   TABRIZ  petrochemical company (T.P.C)  is located in southern west of Tabriz city next to Tabriz refinery in about 380 hectares area and altitude of 1362 meters above sea level.
    •   TPC is a producer of raw polymers ; polyethylene ,polystyrene and  A.B.S each in different grades.
    •   Main feed and Consumed raw materials are  NAPHTA ;  L.P.G ;ACRYLONITRILE; A.M.S ;Mineral Oil ; P.B.R  and other chemicals that are provided by TABRIZ  & TEHRAN refineries ; national petrochemical affiliated companies in south of Iran.