best export fruit company in assia

Iranian kiwi fruit brand has good and excellent status among consumer countries So in spite of our rivals such as Italy and France and New Zealand, Iran country is exported kiwi fruitto all over the worldwide including Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, Turkey, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and the Persian Gulf, European countries and we have also very good markets in the Russia and India countries. The different and effective factors or aspects are caused to increase demand for buying this Iranian product a lot more from other countries.

Different Reasons Including:

  • Iranian kiwi fruit brand has the global credit among international buyers.
  • Iranian kiwifruit has good taste, excellent quality( equal with other rivals), clear skin (without Fruit waxing) with high nutrients so helps and treats some diseases.
  • Iranian kiwi fruit is free from the quarantine pests, preservatives, hormones of Gibberellins and Auxin and etc.
  • Iranian harvest (production) removal is earlier of other rivals.
  • Iranian kiwi fruit high quantity with excellent quality which provides inside or outside abroad buyers' demand.